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About us

Aadiwasi JanJagruti is a grassroots project by Ulgulan Foundation that generates social awareness and sustainable livelihood in one of India’s most economically backward and inaccessible districts.

We use mobile videos to spread awareness about government schemes and social issues. In the last five years, our videos have reached and impacted millions in and around the tribal belt of Nandurbar, Maharashtra.

The project has won awards and citations by United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network, Opportunity Desk, National Conference On Social Innovation 2020, Government of India, Government of Maharashtra and others.

What We Do

We train youth from Dhadgaon block in north-eastern Maharashtra to shoot and edit videos using their own mobile phones and freeware.The volunteers conceptualise and produce content that makes government schemes accessible to the common citizen.

The Aadiwasi JanJagruti team also helps her navigate the government machinery for availing the benefits.The short films, sketches and interviews are in the local languages of Marathi, Pawari and Bhilori. We screen the content using mobile projectors for locals from 120 villages.

We also reach countless others through our social media outreach.Our aim is to ensure government benefits reach the last mile and to create a positive feedback loop by two-way flow of information.

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