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जहाँ बिजली भी नहीं पहुँचती, वहाँ आदिवासी भाषाओं में जानकारी पहुँचाते हैं ये पत्रकार!

‘आदिवासी जनजागृति’ ने पिछले 3 महीनों में न सिर्फ कोरोना पर जागरूकता लाने का काम किया है बल्कि फेक न्यूज, मजदूरों की समस्या सहित इस दौरान बढ़े करप्शन को भी उजागर किया है। शायद ही कभी क्षेत्रीय भाषाओं में सूचनाओं का आदान-प्रदान इस कदर हुआ होगा जिस तरह कोरोना संक्रमण के दौरान हुआ है। लगभग […]

Tribal youth make short-films in local languages to educate vulnerable communities about COVID and lockdown

Lack of information and awareness is one of the biggest harms in times like today, especially in India due to its low literacy rate. Tribal youth in remote Maharashtra have taken to making social awareness short-films in the local language using mobile phones to provide locals with the necessary information, updates, and laws that have […]

How a Young Man Inspired Tribal Students from Maharashtra to Start Their Own College Newspaper

A group of tribal students from rural Maharashtra have started their own college newspaper to discuss their local issues and create a platform for expressing themselves. They don’t have access to Internet. They don’t have Facebook, Twitter, or email accounts, and most of them don’t even have basic mobile phones. But these young college students […]

Tribal boys use mobile phones to shoot short film on local issues

Ten such boys have phones that have cameras to shoot a scene from different angles. About 20 others write script and act in the film. The boys have uploaded the two films on YouTube, garnering over 2,000 views. In Nandurbar’s Harankhuri village, three boys hold their smartphone tightly, directing the camera towards their college principal […]

Watch: Young boys in Maharashtra are tackling local problems by making films like these

Armed with camera phones and simple editing software, they’re capturing their realities in films. The notion of participatory development is not always discussed widely. Young boys in Harankhuri village, in Maharashtra’s northern most tribal district Nandurbar, are documenting their local problems through short films that they post on their YouTube channel. Armed with camera phones and simple editing […]

Adivasis take to filmmaking to highlight local concerns

A team of 10 youths with minimal education, from Dhadgaon block of Nandurbar District, Maharashtra, has made its first short film. They shot and edited the video entirely on a mobile phone and is now available on their YouTube channel named Aadiwasi JanJagruti Today, it’s very easy to get fame. Post some random video, and […]

How Bringing Mobile Journalism to Rural Maharashtra Changed Lives

While we’re all busy checking our updates on social media, there’s a village in Maharashtra without mobile networks, electricity, or a decent transportation system. Nandurbar in Maharashtra is one of the most backward districts of India. The district shares its boundaries with Gujarat at one end and Madhya Pradesh at the other. This district was […]

From fighting graft to bringing water supply – with mobile videos

A band of volunteers are using phones to improve grassroots governance in Maharashtra district In the tribal village of Bilgaon in Dhadgaon taluka of Nandurbar district, Vangibai Natwar Pawar, 47, was caught unawares when she came to know her account balance in her ‘mini bank’ of her village was only Rs 100. Her last transaction […]

Hyperlocal reporting goes right home in Nandurbar

HOW do you get hesitant villagers in backward nooks of the country to turn up for COVID-19 vaccination? Ask Aadiwasi Jan Jagruti, a feisty group of volunteers in Dhadgaon block of Nandurbar, a tribal district in northwest Maharashtra. Using mobile phones, they make short videos on government schemes, civic issues, social issues and more so […]

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