From potable water to fighting corruption – this 29-year-old is helping tribal youth in Maharashtra bring change with mobile videos

Aadiwasi JanJagruti, an initiative headed by Nitesh Bhardwaj, empowers tribal village youth in Nandurbar district in rural Maharashtra with mobile phones to make the “change they wish to see.” When Nitesh Bhardwaj arrived in Nandurbar district in rural Maharashtra as part of SBI’s Youth for India Fellowship, he discovered very little visible development in some of the villages despite […]

Tribal influencers fight everything from Covid to child labour with cellphones

The art of showcasing talent online and influencing audiences is a common phenomenon now. But Arjun Pawara is not your typical Internet star. The 32-year-old is a founding member of Aadiwasi Janjagruti — a network of 45 tribal youths across 200 villages in the interiors of Maharashtra’s Nandurbar district — using just their mobile phones […]

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